Charlie and I made our way back up north from Torres Del Paine in Chile. A few days later in Chaltén (Argentina) Charlie and I parted ways. He headed back to the U.S. and I hitched up to El Calafate, a mountain that town sits at the base of Fitz Roy. I spent four days hiking around the park, and had the opportunity to see up close two Huemul. The Huemul is an endangered Patagonian deer with a population of less than 2,000 animals.

A veil of clouds typically hangs over Fitz Roy for which reason the Tehuelche (the indigenous group that inhabited the region) called the peak Aonikenk - meaning "smoking mountain". The last day I was in the park the clouds cleared revealing the entire mountain range. The next day I left Chaltén and headed for Chile via a mountainous backcountry border crossing.