Welcome to the new site! For those of you who knew old dropprophet.com, the new site might come as a surprise. Since graduating from the University of Vermont in 2012, I've decided to spend the next year traveling across North and South America by plane, boat, bus and foot. I realized it was time for the brand to evolve as I enter the next creative saga in my life. You might think of Drop Prophet as having been reincarnated: the same creative soul, only now residing in a new skin. The scope of Drop Prophet has expanded from being at its core an apparel company, into being an outlet for my interests from graphic design to journalism.

Over the past few years I have found the risks and sheer work of starting a small business and presenting my work to the world at times both daunting and trying. However, the kindness, encouragement and positive response I have received for my designs and shirts has made it all worth it. To all of you who supported my creative efforts and helped the Drop Prophet brand grow over the last four years, thank you so much!

The new dropprophet.com will be home to my writing, photographs and art during my year-long odyssey and beyond. Please visit often to keep up to date with my travels and discoveries. For all of you who have been a part of the evolution of Drop Prophet up to now, thank you and stay tuned!