The Aviles Valley connects the Chacabuco Valley to a perpendicular valley that lies in jeinimeni National Reserve. From the Concervacion Patagonia compound, I made my way 25 Km to the head of the Aviles Valley. I hiked up the Sendero de Aviles trail, crossing a suspension bridge over a deep gorge that had been completed only a few days before I arrived. I passed through 45 Km of the most wild and beautiful terrain I had witnessed yet in Patagonia. At times I would cast into the current while fording the numerous streams within the valley, and be puzzled as to whether I was a fisherman hiking, or a hiker fishing . While the trout were typically small, they were abundant and I managed to catch a few that were large enough to keep for dinner. Eventually, I arrived at another road where I was able to hitchhike 50 Km to Chile Chico.