From Chaitén I took a ferry to the city of Castro on the island of Chiloé. I then traveled by bus to the fishing town of Quellón from where I accessed Parque Tantauco. The park was founded in 2005 by Chile's president Sebastián Piñera. Doug Tompkins conservation projects in Chile inspired Piñera to buy the land and develop the park. The park occupies the entire southern end of the island and can only be accessed by a single inland road and by sea. Over the course of a week I hiked 50 kilometers from the park's northern entrance to the ocean. I passed through peat bogs, rainforest and finally along a stretch of remote beaches. Despite the park's extensive network of hiking trails, incredible infrastructure,  and its listing as one of the world's top 25 biodiversity hotspots, the park is a well kept secret. It is yet to be mentioned in  travel guides and there was a deep sense of solitude within this tract of coastal wilderness.