I met up with my friend Evan Karge in the little beach town of Caleta Quintay where he has been working in a scuba diving shop. I had last seen Evan two and half months before in La Paz, Boliva. Evan lives and works with around a dozen other young divers from Santiago. The work isn't easy, the days are long and Evan has only one day off a week but it's clearly worth the sacrifice. Evan dives daily, has become part of an amazing community of Chileans, and lives in one of the most beautiful little fishing villages I have ever seen. The town is only a few hours from Santiago, and while a destination for Chilean's, is quiet and not yet on the map for gringo travelers. Local men take out skiffs to fish in the mornings and evenings and haul their boats up on the beach right outside the dive shop. Evan and I dove, boogie boarded in the big surf, and camped out on beaches nearby.