To put things in perspective - if the PCT was a marathon we would have just finished our first mile. We have been on the trail for a week now and the rhythm is beginning to feel natural. Leaving the border was an incredible feeling - putting all the planning behind and for the first time converting our intention into motion. The desert has been hot but more beautiful than I expected. It is expansive and peaceful. The PCT has mostly traversed the mountains but dipped down a few days ago allowing us to experience the valley floor. Needless to say this blazing heat motivated us to start hiking through the night. The last two nights we have spent the days relaxing in the shade and begun hiking at 5 pm. Last night we walked under a nearly full moon until after midnight. The moonlit landscape was astonishingly bright and our shadows were cast against the bleached, glowing sand of the path as we walked. The desert at night is a monochromatic, expansive, dreamlike sight- mesmerizing and peaceful. I cowboy camped last night and fell asleep under the stars as the coyotes yipped across the plain. Today we are taking our first day off in the town of Warner Springs where the community has set up a wonderful center for PCT hikers to clean, eat and relax. We resume the journey north tonight.

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