Sacred Headwaters

A 400km bikepacking and packraft epic.

British Columbia, Canada

Supported by Gear Junkie, Kokopelli Packraft, Ibis Cyces, Wetfly Fishing

The story begins crammed inside an old Toyota Tacoma. It’s a cloudy Seattle afternoon in late July. Luke Kantola and Tyler Wilkinson-Ray — friends and filmmakers — and I begin the drive north to a mythical region known as the Sacred Headwaters.

After driving for 10 hours we reach Highway 37. It’s the only road that connects the outside world to an expanse of forest and rugged peaks the size of Oregon, and we still have another 10 hours to go. For those of us from the “lower 48,” it is hard to fathom the scale of northern British Columbia. This vastness is exactly why we’ve come.

To complete this river isn’t some outlandish first descent. Adventurous groups undertake this river every year, but our choice of doing the trip unsupported via bikes is unique, as almost all groups are dropped off by bush plane or four-wheelers when the road is passable.

Instead, we would cycle into the wilderness, and raft the river out.